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I believe outreach is a crucial part of the life of a scientist, since science is a global effort and it ought to be shared with the broader public.

I have been active in this since the beginning of my Master studies, thanks to the Italian outreach organization Inco.Scienza.

For instance, I have been a 'science guide' in an outreach installation about the Higgs boson organized by INFN, I have spoken about the role of symmetries in fundamental physics (a video is available in Italian), I have hosted question-driven Sunday-night chats about various astrophysical topics (picture), and I have spoken about symmetries in physics at the Modena Planetarium.


I have been one of the organizers of the Bonn leg of Astronomy on Tap, I am in the team of Pint of Science Munich and I often take part in the Skype A Scientists project.

Outreach event JingNobel in Modena: a question-driven chat about gravitational waves. More pictures here.


I believe there is a profound beauty in science. Equations, symmetries, models, and plots. For this reason, I try to take results from my research and mix them with art. This can show the beauty hidden in science, and hopefully close the gap with the general public. Below you can find a sample of such plots I am proud of. Enjoy!

(Hey! Some of the pictures have a link at the end of their description that will bring you to the movie)

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