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'Arte o Scienza?' again

Some of my sci-art has been selected for the exhibition 'Arte o scienza?' (Italians for Art or science?), that will take place in Trieste during the European Researcher Night. If you are not able to go there and see it live, you can have a look below. The theme I chose this year is accretion tracks. Enjoy!

This image shows the trajectories of all stars that end up in a galaxy (located at the center). The brightest the track, the more stars are moving along it. Each pattern is very smooth, but they together form a chaotic ensamble.

A tribute to Andy Warhol. The same Dark Matter accretion track (the trajectory of all Dark Matter particle that end up in a halo, located at the center of the image) colored with colors taken from Andy Warhol's Che Guevara painting.

Accretion tracks of gas and stars for galaxies of very different formation time. The 'old' ones show a preferential direction from which the material is coming from, while young ones have a more isotropic pattern. More details about the reason for this difference are here.

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